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About Us

Our Vision

Dedicated to making a lasting positive impact on the environment, WTP addresses the issues from two sides. Most importantly, conservation efforts abroad need to be enhanced and supported. Wild Things plans on teaming up with multiple organizations to aid in protecting our most delicate ecosystems, by focusing on our earth’s most pressing environmental issues. We will collaborate with conservation efforts worldwide to create protected lands, support field research, combat poaching and illegal trade, and involve local communities in order to protect threatened ecosystems across the globe.

Additionally, we feel that public education is crucial in changing how we are currently using our natural resources, which directly effect these disappearing lands. An interactive learning center will offer tutorials, seminars and summer camps on popular agricultural activities such as bee keeping, maple syrup production, homesteading activities, herbal medicinals, gardening and permaculture, ecology, wilderness survival, sustainable living and other related subjects. Kids and adults will be able to see and interact with amazing animals as they learn about how to live more sustainably and protect our delicate ecosystems.